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Concerto for Ten

Following our summer recess social media success with #choralalphabet (see news item here), our Musical Director Lee put together a similar, though shorter, listening selection for last week’s half-term break.

In the concert hall (at least in “normal” times) almost all of the concerto performances that are heard are orchestra with either solo violin, solo cello, or solo piano, but there are huge numbers of superb concertos for all instruments. Our exploration of composers including Corelli and Vivaldi have brought forward a huge number of interesting works from that period, but Lee’s selection had an equal number of composers from the past and present, and an equal number of men and women represented, and even one which has a local connection for us in Northampton.

The list was called #concertoforten, to cover the ten days between the final Home Choir rehearsal with our friends at the Wellingborough Singers (Thursday 22 October) and our rehearsal tonight (Monday 2 November), though he did sneak a cheeky eleventh number in to give us something to give cheer.

Concerto for Ten

Day 1 : Bluegrass Trio
- Jennifer Higdon (b.1962)
Concerto 4-3

Day 2 : Flute - Kevin Puts (b.1972)
Flute Concerto

Day 3 : Harp - Germaine Tailleferre (1892-1983)
Harp Concertino

Day 4 : Trombone - George Walker (1922-2018)
Concerto for Trombone and Orchestra

Day 5 : Basset Clarinet - Elena Kats-Chernin (b.1957)
Ornamental Air

Day 6 : Double Bass - Gavin Bryars (b.1943)
Double Bass Concerto "Farewell to St Petersburg"

Day 7 : French Horn - Ruth Gipps (1921-99)
Horn Concerto

Day 8 : Harmonica - Malcolm Arnold (1921-2006)
Harmonia Concerto

Day 9 : Marimba - Libby Larsen (b.1950)
Marimba Concerto: After Hampton

Day 10 : Viola - Toru Takemitsu (1930-96)
A String Around Autumn

Bonus Track : Bassoon - Maxime Goulet (b.1980)
A Bassoon Circus

Lee is putting together a new list for the Christmas break, a selection of Christmas works which are off the beaten-track, but should be much better known.