Our Répétiteur:
Ivan Linford
We are fortunate to have as our répétiteur the talented pianist, Ivan Linford. Ivan holds the degrees of Bachelor of Music and Master of Arts from the University of Huddersfield and is an Associate of the Royal College of Organists. Whilst a postgraduate student, he held the Organ Scholarship at Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral, and subsequently held posts at Oakham Parish Church, Leicester Cathedral, and Oakham School. He was born and educated in Peterborough, where he was a chorister at the Cathedral.

Since 2010, Ivan has enjoyed a busy freelance career as an organist and pianist, and he also holds the répétiteur position for our ‘sibling’ Bach Choir in Leicester. He is much in demand for accompanying Sunday and special services at a variety of local churches where there is no incumbent organist, and he is member of the team of organists who accompany services at Kettering Crematorium.

He is also in great demand further afield, and often appears as organist for the City Chamber Choir, based in the City of London. He has given organ recitals and accompanied choirs at several English cathedrals (including St Paul’s Cathedral), and has performed on BBC television and radio. As an accompanist to choirs and choral societies, he has visited various countries including Belgium, France, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, and the United States.

The Northampton Bach Choir has only had six permanent répétiteurs over the choir’s seventy-five year history. Our first, Charles Barker, held the post for thirty-two years (1936-1968) and was succeeded for three years by David Wright (1967-1971). David was succeeded by Jane Humfrey, our second-longest service répétiteur, who held the post for twenty-three years (1971-1994). In recent years we have had three young musicians who have held the post for around seven years each: John Byron (1994-2001), David Cowen (2002-2007), and most recently, Stephen Meakins (2008-2014).