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Desert Island Director

This afternoon BBC Radio Northampton gave our Musical Director a one-hour slot to present his life and a selection of his favourite recordings on John Griff's "Northamptonshire Life Stories" show.

Our Musical Director preparing for the Gym
John Griff's Local People - BBC Radio Northampton

Our Musical Director was not born in Northamptonshire but is, in John Griff's words "very much claimed by Northamptonshire" and Lee presented music by Thomas Adés, J. S. Bach, Michael Nyman and David McAlmont, Jean Sibelius, Judith Weir, and Sarah Vaughan singing "Misty". Speaking to Lee later he was rather cross to have talked about a flock (rather than flight, or even bevy!) of swans, and sad to have only been able to fit in six pieces ... there is so much wonderful music out there and so little space to put them in amongst his life story!

Where's Wally ... Lee is here somewhere